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And this is my first Blog Post! Stashbusters launches

I haven't done much blogging, so I'm giving it a try to see how it goes.

We have an active, vibrant Guild that inspires me every day. One topic that has come up for most of us is dealing with our stashes, so we are forming a Stashbusters group to help whittle down those piles and bins and boxes of fabric that are threatening to overwhelm us.

A lot of the inspiration for this comes from the many donations that we have received recently from members and others downsizing, moving or, in some sad cases, cleaning out their loved one's quilting stuff. We go through the bags and bins and realize, this could be us some day. Do we want our families to deal with this, or do we try to deal with it now.

So Stashbusters was born, of necessity and preservation of all that we have collected.

The idea is to use methods and patterns that bust the stash, for example the Fabric Cafe books that utilize 3 yards or fat quarters with their patented shortcut methods for making quick and easy quilts.

We all have those patterns and methods that we use for making a fast quilt, so let's share those with the members and get that stash under control.

Or make room for more fabric. Whatever works for you. :-)

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Mary Gorczynski
Mary Gorczynski
Sep 28, 2023

Good job Ellen !

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